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Camping along the California Coast: Embracing the Charm of Capitola

Nestled just 1.5 hours drive from San Francisco, Capitola emerges as a must-visit destination along the California coast. This enchanting town captures the essence of coastal charm, boasting incredible restaurants, vibrant energy, good vibes, and unique stores. For those who cherish the surf, Capitola is a paradise, where the waves whisper tales of old, and sunsets paint the sky in hues of gold—a description we couldn't agree more with after our visit.

Our journey through Capitola was nothing short of magical. Strolling through the town, we were drawn to the boutique stores and art galleries, each adding its own splash of color to the vibrant atmosphere. But the highlight of our visit was camping at New Brighton State Beach. This coastal campground offers splendid ocean views and is the perfect backdrop for a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

At New Brighton State Beach, the beauty of nature is overwhelming. With numerous trails to explore, our preference leans towards leisurely walks on the beach. There's something about the sand beneath our feet and the rhythmic sound of the waves that slows down time, allowing us to savor every moment. The unique blue of the California sky merging with the sea paints a picture so serene, it feels almost infinite. Walking barefoot, letting the sea air brush against our skin, and gazing into the horizon, we found peace.

Spending a weekend in Capitola is an experience imbued with magic. It's a reminder of the beauty that lies in the simple pleasures—walking, breathing in the fresh air, and being present in the moment. And after you've enjoyed those moments, take a moment to sit and gaze at the sunset. It will be a sunset that you will always remember, marking the perfect end to an unforgettable visit.

And remember.. Leave No Traces!

Happy Camping!


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