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Recharge and Connect: A Hidden Gem in Central Oregon's Prineville

When you're yearning for that feeling of wanting to disconnect, to find a haven of tranquility and peace, but you're not keen on a long drive, where do you turn? If you're in Central Oregon, you're in luck. There are some campgrounds in Prineville, nestled by the river, that are simply amazing, and they're only a 30-minute drive from Redmond.

We're particularly fond of Castle Rock campground. It's that extraordinary place where you can truly recharge.

Sliced through by the Crooked River, you find yourself in the midst of a canyon, flanked by incredible mountains on both sides and rock formations that are breathtakingly beautiful.

The sensation of being among the rocky mountains, with their jagged peaks, instills in you a feeling of being part of something grand, completely connected with nature.

Exploring the area, you'll find trails for hiking and biking, and during our visit, we discovered a coffee shop that we loved – the Prineville Coffee Company ☕.

And remember, Leave No Traces

Happy Camping!


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