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2022 Pre-Owned Trailer

Gently Used Showcase Trailer.


Location: Chicago Illinois
  • Retail price $16,300
  • New tires
  • Warranty valid until May 2024
  • Lightly used in expo shows and demo camping trips
  • Includes an additional 100-amp battery for a total of 200 amps


360 Sierra’s Easy Tow Trailer: Revolutionizing Camping Excursions

360 Sierra has ingeniously crafted an easy-to-tow camping kit, revolutionizing outdoor adventures. At its core, the kit features Renogy’s 200 amp-hour lithium batteries, renowned for their reliability and efficiency. These are seamlessly integrated with a robust 180-watt solar panel, ensuring sustainable energy supply. Complementing this power duo is a versatile, fold-out kitchen, fully plumbed with water, predominantly featuring Dometic products. Dometic’s reputation for durability is unparalleled, with decades of proven performance in RVs, hotels, and the adventure industry.

The integration of solar power into the onboard system is a game-changer. It powers a Dometic CFX 55Liters electric refrigerator, designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, sealing in freshness and reliability. The trailer's design focuses on lightweight mobility, weighing in at just 500 pounds. This, along with its elongated towing arm, ensures effortless maneuverability by hand and compatibility with nearly any vehicle equipped with a hitch adapter. The display model at our event showcased a practical gas stove, further enhancing its camping utility.

The trailer includes an Dometic inflatable tent that inflates in just 90 seconds, is lightweight, and is perfect for 3 seasons and windy days

TIP: Unlock Passive Income Potential! This trailer is perfect for renting on Outdoorsy or other platforms and can bring in $511 to $1,022 for just 1-2 weeks of rental. It's a smart investment for effortless earnings. Click HERE for more details and start your journey towards easy, passive income today!
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Premium Overland-Style Kitchen, safeguarded by a sealed box to prevent dust, snow, or dirt while you travel.

- Aluminum Body
- Work Area
- Dometic Stove two burners

- 5 Lbs Propane Tank

- Two Drawers

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