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Rules & Regulations

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In addition to the other terms and conditions of this Agreement, Renter shall follow the Rules and Regulations listed below in this Section 7 and updated from time-to-time at be followed by Renter and all persons occupying or utilizing the Trailer.  Failure to abide by these Rules and Regulations shall, at the option of Owner, cause early termination of the Rental Term and Renter’s use of the Trailer and forfeiture of all rents and deposits.
Neither the Trailer nor any component thereof shall be dismantled or disassembled in any manner by Renter or by any third party.
Renter shall comply with, and shall cause all occupants to comply with, all applicable laws, regulations, and safety requirements governing the use of the Trailer during the Rental Term.
Renter shall not use the Trailer in areas or terrains not suitable for the Trailer’s intended road use.
Renter agrees to use the Trailer and any related equipment solely for personal use and not for any commercial or illegal purposes.
Renter shall not sublease, loan, or transfer the Trailer to any third party without prior written consent from Owner.
Renter shall not operate the Trailer or travel along roadways while intoxicated from any legal or illegal substances that impair Renter’s judgment and/or ability to operate the Trailer safely.
Furthermore, the Renter agrees to the following specific conditions for the use of the Trailer:
Renters will conscientiously ensure that no one stands on or oversteps the fender
No one shall stand on, place hot objects on, or otherwise misuse the solar panels.
The use of items that could puncture the tent frame is strictly prohibited.
The Trailer shall not be loaded with more than 100 additional pounds beyond its specified capacity.
Water tanks shall not be filled with toxic liquids or substances.
Leaving rotten food in the cooler is prohibited to maintain hygiene and prevent damage.
Renter agrees to adhere to these guidelines to ensure the safety and preservation of the Trailer and its components.
Renter agrees to adhere to these guidelines to ensure the safety and preservation of the Trailer and its components.
Additionally, the Renter agrees to avoid any actions, use, or treatment of the Trailer and its components that could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the Trailer or harm to others. This includes, but is not limited to, engaging in reckless driving, overloading the trailer beyond the specified limits, using the trailer for unintended purposes, or any form of misuse that could compromise the structural integrity or functionality of the Trailer.

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