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OUR PHILOSOPHY Camping like never before!

When we moved from Colombia to this country seven years ago, we were impressed by the beauty of the outdoors. Starting with tent camping and later converting a Sprinter van, we experienced a life-changing transformation. We became more present, connected, and less reactive.

Eager to share this experience, we invited our family on a camping trip, where they could experience the true essence of camping by cooking well and sleeping well under the stars.

Despite extensive searching for the perfect option, including RVs and trailers, we ended up renting an overland trailer with a tent.

However, when we went to pick it up, it felt like we were going over nature instead of going to nature.

The trailer was too big, and it didn’t fit with our van.

This experience made us realize that there is a huge opportunity for people with small cars and EV’s who also want to go camping with comfort.

andres vallejo & paola restrepo

The founders

Paola Restrepo Founder 360Sierra

Paola Restrepo

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 Andres Vallejo Founder 360sierra

Andres Vallejo 

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