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Essential Add-Ons to Elevate Your Glamping Experience!

Dometic GO Compact Camp Chair Foldable

When you want to sit, relax, and embrace the moment, enjoy comfortable seating for all your outdoor adventures.

Price per day: $10/each

Product Dimensions: 28.74" D x 32.01" H x 24.53" W, Net Weight: 9.39 lbs.

Dometic GO Compact Camp Table

Maximize your camping space with the Dometic Table, designed to convert into three different heights. The standard tabletop height is ideal for food prep or dining. Lower it to create a perfectly sized table for kids. Or adjust it to coffee-table height for convenient access to snacks like chips and salsa for everyone.

Price per day: $10

Dimensions: 39.37"D x 27.36"H x 25.59"W. Net Weight: 20.64 lbs.

Dometic Inflatable HUB 2

Enjoy longer, comfier outdoor moments. This quick-to-set-up shelter provides shade in case the sun's too strong, offers rain cover, and uses the same pump as your tent with a single-point inflation.

Price per day: $25

Product Dimensions: 90.55" (Depth/Height/Width). Net Weight: 19.71 lbs.

*The HUB comes in a backpack.

ZampSolar Obsidian Series 100 Watt Portable Solar Panel KIT

This 100-watt panel allows for extended off-grid power, keeping your batteries charged while camping. The portable kit features an integrated carry case that also serves as a quick-deploy, adjustable stand, enabling easy adjustments according to the sun's light.

Price per day: $20

Closed Dimensions: Closed: 44.5" x 21.75" x 2". Weight: 23 lbs


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