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Important Guidelines for Your Trip!

Dometic Inflatable Tent


Recommended PSI:

  • The ideal inflation pressure for the tent is 7 PSI.

  • Do not exceed the maximum inflation pressure of 9 PSI. Inflating beyond 9 PSI can compromise the tent’s safety and integrity.

Steps for Inflating the Tent:

  1. Connecting the Pump: Attach the Gale 12V electric pump to the tent’s inflation valve. Ensure that the connection is secure to prevent any air from leaking.

  2. Using the Pump: The Gale 12V pump is equipped with a pressure induction system that automatically stops inflating once the preset pressure is reached. This system operates with an error margin of ±0.5 PSI, ensuring that the tent is neither over-inflated nor under-inflated.

  3. Automatic Shut-off Feature: Depend on the pump’s automatic shut-off feature to avoid over-inflation. The pump is designed to stop once it achieves the set pressure limit, protecting the tent from potential damage due to excessive inflation.

  4. Closing the Valve: Once the tent is inflated, disconnect the inflation device and securely close the valve to prevent any air leakage. This is crucial for maintaining the tent’s structure and stability.

  5. Regular Checks and Adjustments: Especially in changing weather conditions, it is important to regularly check and adjust the air pressure as necessary. Temperature fluctuations can alter the air pressure inside the tent, requiring adjustments to ensure the desired firmness and structural integrity are maintained.

Recommended Tire Pressure Guidelines

1. Tire Pressure Specification:

  • All tires, including the spare tire, must be inflated to 60 PSI. This pressure is essential for optimal performance and safety of the trailer.

2. Regular Pressure Checks:

  • Please check the pressure regularly to ensure it remains at the recommended level. Consistent tire pressure is crucial for maintaining tire integrity, trailer stability, and safety

Inflatable HUB- Shelter Guidelines

  1. Unpack the HUB: Remove the HUB from its carry bag.

  2. Attach the Pump to the Inflation Valve: Connect the pump to the single inflation point on the HUB.

  3. Inflate to the Correct Pressure: Use the pump to inflate the air poles until the pressure gauge reaches the green zone (7 psi). This ensures that the HUB is neither over-inflated nor under-inflated.

  4. Finish Setup: After inflating the HUB, secure it by pegging it down and adjusting the guy lines to ensure the HUB is stable and maintains its shape.

  5. Secure the HUB to the Trailer's Frame: Tie the HUB to the trailer’s frame for additional stability.


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