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Magical Camping Just an Hour from San Francisco: Discover Bodega Bay's Coastal Retreat

Doran Regional Park 🥰🥰

Spending a couple of nights at Doran Park has always been one of my best moments... I could say it's my favorite spot at any time of the year. Why? No matter where my site is located, I will have a view, either of the open sea or the small gulf that forms inside. The beaches are vast, ideal for walking, filled with seagulls and other birds whose names I don't know, but they play all day with the waves... The sunsets are romantic and magical. The weather is great, even on some rainy days which end up being magical as well. The bathrooms have showers for something like $2, providing the best 5 minutes of hot water with a feeling of being outdoors, as they are not sealed compartments but spaces with very good ventilation and lighting...

It's known for its golden-sand beach stretching over two miles, ideal for various water sports, building sandcastles, and kite flying.

The campground at Doran Regional Park provides amenities like potable water, restrooms, coin-operated showers, and picnic tables. It's a perfect spot for swimming and surfing, thanks to the gentler waves compared to other Sonoma Coast beaches.

Bodega Bay's campgrounds are not only about the beautiful natural settings but also about the activities and experiences they offer. Whether it's enjoying the water, exploring trails, or simply relaxing by the campfire, Bodega Bay provides a memorable outdoor adventure.

For a detailed exploration and to make reservations, visit the official websites of Doran Regional Park, Westside Regional Park, Bodega Dunes Campground, and Porto Bodega RV Park. Additionally, the Bodega Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and provide valuable information and resources for planning your camping trip in this beautiful coastal region.


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